Thank you Cyndi for helping me gain clarity on what I'm looking for in my closet and what lights me up! Your insights and feedback on what pieces are flattering were so helpful and totally made sense when pieces resonated more than others. I feel more confident with what is staying in my closet and happy to bless and release those that aren't.


Maggie Lozoya

The Confident Leader program taught me so much about myself from a completely different perspective. Cyndi helped me understand that fashion and creating a kick ass wardrobe are not frivolous, but are key components of self care. I learned that finding, developing and creating a personal style that aligns with my authentic self  and personality has really amped up my confidence, self image and mindset.  Who knew that fashion and personal development are very closely connected? I do now, thanks to Cyndi and her loving, supportive and amazing guidance.     


Pati Diaz

Before participating in The Confident Leader Program I was struggling with finding anything to wear on a daily basis. My closet has always been organized, however, I had so many clothes that were outdated, didn’t fit or I was holding onto for sentimental reasons. 


During Cyndi’s hands-on coaching I discovered my personal style! This involved a fun exercise and we got to name our style. Mine is Executive Rocker Chick! We also had exercises and homework to clear out the clutter and determine what essential pieces we were missing from our wardrobe.


I loved working with Cyndi through the program! Her coaching style made me feel very comfortable sharing about my personal issues with my body, which she helped me discover how to dress to impress with the body I’m in!


Now, I have a closet that I can walk into and find clothes that fit and that make me feel confident! I highly recommend The Confident Leader Program and Cynthia Hidalgo!


Jamie Gates

I was fortunate enough to cross paths with fashion consultant Cyndi Hidalgo many years ago when our daughters were in the same Girl Scout troop. I remember introducing myself to this gorgeous woman, and based on a quick assessment of her hair and clothes, that she was younger than I and well to do. In fact, this snap judgment was far from reality. Over the years, we have formed a close friendship, and I learned that we’re actually very close in age, and that she is the master of stretching a budget to develop one’s personal flair. Beyond her many exceptional personal qualities, she has incredible style awareness, and is eager to share her vision with others. I recall vividly meeting her for the first time and admiring her hair and outfit, something I still experience regularly whenever we hang out. Just the other day, she showed up to hike in a vibrant orange tank and shoes that perfectly picked up the colors in her leggings. Cyndi makes looking good seem effortless, and she projects a vibe that is appealing without being intimidating.

Without a doubt, Cyndi has shaped and developed my style through her work as a CABI consultant as well as her own unique skills and talents when it comes to shopping online for the perfect item. She is always honest with me, and makes suggestions for pieces to experiment with that I would never have the courage to try if left to my own devices. A peek in my closet will show in an instant the impact of Cyndi’s empowering and creative power of suggestion; much of what I own was selected in collaboration with her, and almost everything I wear regularly bears her stamp of approval. Cyndi is more than a consultant. She’s a fellow traveler on life’s journey who understands the value of feeling good in what you wear and showing your bolder side to the outside world. When I need to amp things up for a presentation at work, find a dress for a special event, or just want to read in the backyard in simultaneous comfort and style, the clothes that Cyndi has helped me find are my greatest tools. I am grateful for that initial meeting through our kids, and even more appreciative of the self-made and stylish entrepreneur she has become.


Lynn Elias